Best Minifig brands to shop

Buying a minifigure is a deep dive into the world of Lego and its growing collections and themes. Finding the right one for your child and selecting it, is a rewarding experience. There are so many different ones, and you can soon start a collection of your own, too.

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The best brands of minifigures available are Lego. The Lego Minifigure is an industry icon and a cultural staple. The first Lego Minifigure was launched in the late 1970s and it has grown into its very own industry since.

Why is the Lego Minifigure (or minifig as it is commonly called) so popular? Lego has manufactured more than 3.7 billion. Minifigs are usually part of build sets, but they are also sold separately in blind bags and specialist Lego stores. The themes of Lego Minifigures are astounding they range from standard Lego sets to specific characters from TV, movies, video games, and more.

What makes minifigs even more popular is their collectability. People can buy them and leave them standard or change them with customizable items to create new characters or themes for themselves.

While Lego is the originator of this toy, it has competition: Kre-O, Block Tech and Mega Bloks. These three other companies are also large companies. Kre-O is a Korean company owned by Hasbro. Mega Bloks is owned by Mega Brands Inc in Canada.

The best of these alternatives to Lego Minifigures are Mega Bloks. These are more popular with adult audiences than with children, as the majority of their minifigs are designed with brands like video games Halo, Call of Duty, Star Trek, X-Files, and more. These minifigs also look very different to the iconic square shapes of the Lego minifigs.

The Mega Bloks minifigs are a little more realistic than the cubic shapes of the Lego minifigs. They are also more articulated: their minifigs can have many more moving parts.

As with Lego, the Mega Bloks are also seen as a separate collection by many minifig enthusiasts. The Mega Bloks can be used to create more realistic dioramas and setups for toy photography. However, the allure of the original – and industry-leading – Lego Minifigs means that Mega Bloks aren’t as popularly or commonly available as Lego.

When you’re looking to purchase minifigs, advice for potential shoppers is to not become fixated on one brand of minifigs. If you do that, you’ll become trapped by the one brand’s offerings only. By keeping an open mind, you’ll be able to purchase the best minifig for you and your child to lay with or collect, and thereby grow a collection of minifigs that covers a wider spectrum of themes.

The beauty of minifigs is that the trends and crazes within their communities means that there are new themes launching nearly every week.