Tinder is known to be one of the most popular dating sites. Exceeding ten million users a month, this tool is an undeniable success and promises a revolutionary service to its supporters. With just a few clicks, you will be able to make several meetings in a particularly impressive time. But between detractors of this type of application that seem to prefer a more traditional method to find the soulmate and some people who never leave their phone screen, we do not find it anymore! In order to be able to test Tinder yourself and choose your side, simply follow this detailed guide to the services offered by this tool.

Tinder became in 6 years the world leader thanks to its ideal format. Always available and at your fingertips, you have at your fingertips the woman of your dreams or the closest ass plan!

What is Tinder? The dating app that transformed into a social network

You probably use it, have already used it or dream of using it at least once in your life, because Tinder is free and very popular, especially with young people. But what exactly? We explain its history since its launch to the development of its latest features.

Tinder was launched in May 2012 by Sean Rad, an Iranian-American, childhood friend Justin Mateen, Whitney Wolfe and a fourth friend. The success was immediate. In just two months, the dating app counted more than a million users. It’s hard to know exactly how many people are using it today, as Tinder remains discreet about his numbers. But that number would be more than 100 million users. In France alone, there would be 45 million “Swipes” per day, according to the few figures provided by the company.

Tinder Premium Features: Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold

Over the years, Tinder has become a true social network, both in terms of its very high enrollment and the use that people make of it. If some people just want to “catch up”, others are there to make friends, meetings abroad, and many are looking to build a stable relationship with someone other than their circle of acquaintances.

Its latest features have also helped make Tinder a true social network. Users have long been limited to “Swipe Left” (profiles that do not interest them), “Swipe Right” (the profiles they want to “like”), “Match”, “Super Like”, etc. (read this article here to understand the full functioning of the app). Then, in 2015, its creators launched Tinder Plus, and then Tinder Gold.

Two paid premium versions, in the form of a subscription, which allow access to unlimited number of “Likes” (the classic version limiting you to 50 likes per day) and more “Super Likes”, to unlock the options “Passport” (to contact people around the world) and “Rewind” (to cancel an accidental swipe), or to earn a “Boost” per month to be the top profile of where you are found for 30 minutes.

From a dating app to a real social network

In addition Tinder Gold also allows you to benefit from the “Likes You” feature, which allows you to see who liked your profile and match for sure. Price level, the Tinder Plus version is at 4.58 euros per month for 12 months and is directly accessible via the classic Tinder app. The Gold version, she is at 7.58 euros per month for 12 months.

Finally, a few months ago, Tinder launched the “Thread of news”, a new tool that goes beyond the simple market of seduction and completely revolutionizes the application. This “Feed”, visible in the window to the right of the “Messages”, vaguely remembers that of Facebook. It displays all the news of the people with whom you have met, their new Instagram posts, the music they listen to on Spotify, through the updates they make on their profile (new photos, etc.).

The opportunity to fall back on old “Matches” … and why not start the discussion by bouncing on a new photo posted!

How does Tinder work?

Create a Tinder account

Go to the play store or the app store. Find “Tinder” and install the application.
After that, open your app and click “Connect with Facebook” in order to sync your Facebook profile with the app. This is a fundamental step in order to define the interests and hobbies that you will then share with someone.
Once you have synchronized your Facebook profile, choose a good profile picture because it will be on this one that other users will use to choose you or to separate you from their lists of choices.
Select “Allow” when it appears, so that the application has the right to geolocate you. Indeed, without this permission, it could not work because the purpose of Tinder is to allow you meetings close to your location.
Change the notification settings to your preference. And now, you are now a Tinder app user!

Customize your profile

You just installed Tinder and connect to it, but it’s not over yet! You now need to customize your profile to make it more interesting than it is, and this, according to your preferences and desires for better use.

  • Go to Tinder’s homepage, then choose the menu at the top left marked with small lines.
  • When the menu appears on your screen, select “View profile”.
  • After it’s displayed, tap the icon on the top right to make changes to your information, your chosen quote, or change your photos and add those Instagram, all according to your only choice!
  • You can also import your Facebook photos under any circumstances because your profile is always related.

Customize your searches

So that you can define the type of meeting you want to do, you will have to go through the personalization of searches. So, just follow these steps.

Click on the menu at the top left. Then select “Discovery Preference”.
After you have done this, a menu will be displayed for you. Fill out the list by stipulating your preferences regarding your eventual meeting (sex, age, distance etc …) And you have been able to filter your searches according to the mode you prefer.

Make a match

When a profile appears, swip left or right if you like it or not. If you have accepted someone and he too, there will be something called a match.
Click on the bubble tab, you can find the list of your matches and choose to chat with them.

Delete a Tinder account

  • Start by opening your app, then go to the Tinder settings by choosing “App Settings”.
  • Choose “Delete Account” to delete your Tinder account.
  • Your entire account and data will be irretrievably lost. Even if you decide to make a new Tinder account, your affinities or others will no longer be able to be recovered.

And now, thanks to this guide you have the opportunity to use the application Tinder as it sings and enjoy the service it offers safely. It is still advisable not to stay too long on the virtual and always try to bring your meeting to a more concrete stage in real life.

What is Tinder’s algorithm?

Wondering how Tinder works? How Tinder chooses the people he will introduce to you (as we will see, this “matching” process is linked to an algorithm!).

When you start on Tinder, you want above all to be connected with attractive profiles. But it can sometimes happen to realize that the application offers us profiles of people not necessarily very desirable …

We struggled to write a profile, to put his best photos, … And we realize that Tinder rarely offers us profiles that we might like.

If that’s what happens to you, it’s because you probably have not developed a strategy that takes into account how Tinder’s algorithm works, and how the application presents you with different profiles.

In this article, I will explain how Tinder’s algorithm works, and how you will be able to benefit from it to be related to more interesting profiles.

Tinder for PC and MAC : How Tinder Online Works

The famous mobile dating application now allows you to Swipe on the PC and MAC. It will now be possible to find love on Tinder from your PC with Tinder Online from any web browser. The principle stays the same. But now you can use your mouse to “Swipe” left or right depending on your affinity with the profiles displayed on the screen. Although all the features of the application are not yet integrated, it will still be possible to converse via integrated messaging on your PC in case of a match.

Tinder Online Dating Site Features

With this version of its online software, Tinder Online aims to help people who are struggling with the use of smartphones or with less powerful phones. Tinder Online will also connect to the dating site despite a bad mobile connection. In addition, it is the ideal tip to be able to continue to match with the people you like despite the prohibition of use of phones at places of work or in classrooms.

Tinder online is now available on a global scale. To connect, you will always have to register via your Facebook account.

How Tinder Online Dating works With your Facebook Account

I will not necessarily go into details about how Tinder works. The application is so ergonomic and easy to use that I am sure a chimpanzee would be able to understand how it works.

If you have never installed it, know that:

  • Tinder asks you to register (my article that explains how to register on Tinder without Facebook),
  • You must then write a profile, and select one to six photos,
  • You will indicate your preferences concerning the people you want to meet: sex, age, maximum distance (2 to 161 km),
  • Tinder then offers profiles that may interest you: you “swip” to the right when a profile pleases you, left when you are not interested.

The benefits of Tinder

Location Sharing Dating

Having the opportunity to speak with people of the opposite sex is good, but what is the point if they are at the other end of France? With Tinder, you can easily meet people who live near you, with the ability to set the maximum distance profiles you will be offered.

If you absolutely want to meet a person living in your neighborhood, you can opt for a very small maximum distance (from 2km). Tinder may have fewer profiles, but you will at least be sure to meet someone who lives (or works) next to you.

The end of real life seduction?

If you are used to approach girls in the street, or in the evening, you know what we can sometimes feel when we are rejected by a girl. And even if you can get used to regularly approaching girls, it’s never a pleasure to hear someone tell you that they do not want to continue talking to you.

On Tinder, you will not have that feeling of rejection. Your profile will be presented to people who meet the criteria you have entered in your preferences. If these people “reject” you, you will not be informed.

Imagine a person you like. You there “right swipe” to indicate that his profile interests you. It is then suggested your profile, but it is not the same opinion, and you “left swipe”. You will not be made aware of his decision.

Well, even if you do not get notifications when someone does not like your profile, it’s still easy to understand that if you “like” a profile and do not get a match in the next few days is that this person most likely indicated that your profile did not please him.