How to Reset Tinder Account

Do I recreate my Tinder account? What you might ask yourself is:

Create a new, improved biography in the previous one. Do you have the opportunity to go to the movies with your pet? Make sure you do not have to go to where you live. There is no one in your area and you want to update it. Ex-eye knows you and tells you that you want to be confused. The error was mistreated with this user. Continue reading How to Reset Tinder Account

Tinder Gold : Is It worth paying for?

We will begin by presenting you the Tinder Plus offer before presenting you with the Gold version. Because you have to know that Tinder Gold is the Plus version, but with additional functionality.

Tinder Plus gives you access to:

  • 5 Super Likes per day Instead of one with the free version.
  • Backtracking (canceling your last move) If you missed or linked a profile by mistake, you can go back and change your choice.
  • Change city With the Plus version, you can geolocate anywhere in France or around the world. Ideal to prepare his travels.
  • A monthly boost Functionality that puts your profile at the top of the list for users in your area for 30 minutes.

No ads

Swipe unlimited right Limited to 50 swipes every 24h on the free version, you can swap right unlimited with Tinder Plus.

Here are all the features available via the Tinder Plus version. Some are negligible, others less. We will now see the great (and the only) difference between the Tinder Gold and Plus version.

Tinder Plus

What is Tinder Gold?

As we told you right before, Tinder Gold is the Plus version, with added functionality. And this feature is to lift the anonymity of the girls who liked you.

It may seem expensive to pay for so little. But before you make your opinion, we will talk about the benefits of this new feature.



The free version of Tinder

The free version of Tinder is already quite effective. Personally, I have used it for years with efficiency! At the very beginning of Tinder, the application was completely free. There was not really any advanced feature but you could swipe unlimited and there was no premium Tinder. I’m talking about it as if it was in the era of dinosaurs but it was in 2015 alone.

Then, Tinder proposed a double subscription formula. The two possible Tinder subscriptions are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. We talk about it again below.

Which means that they had to limit the free version: logical, otherwise, there would have been no point in taking the pay!

From now on, the number of swipe is limited to 50 per 12 hours.

We are entitled to only one super like every 12 hours. The super like is to show a girl that we had a crush on her. It allows to pass in front of his other contenders in his list of swipe. And she can see that we’ve been super liked.

The effectiveness of Tinder is well established. But I probably could have done more with the paid version. The premium version of Tinder is enriched by new features that will be discussed in this article.

Why subscribe to Tinder Gold?

Without Tinder Gold, you swip to the right and wait to fall on a girl who liked you too. It’s the suspense of every swipe! Note, it can be charming.
With Tinder Gold, you see directly which girls have already met your profile

You just have to choose the ones you like in return. Beautiful life, no?

Yes, provided you have a profile that works and generates matches …

In this regard, a coachee of my coaching dating site asked me: “do you still have to swipe on the right the profiles that are proposed to you”? Yes, because Tinder still benefits people who are active on the app and you can be suggested in priority to girls.

This is a huge advantage over those who do not have Tinder Gold and who are waiting patiently.

It would not be too risky to bet that those who pay are also a little favored by Tinder’s algorithm.
Tinder Gold also has a geolocation function that allows you to geolocate wherever you want in France and around the world

Want to see if you would be successful in Sweden? Go.

Planning a trip to Paris? Geolocate yourself there in advance and prepare dates to be able to fish on your arrival.

The only problem is that the app geolocates you there but leaves the distance displayed. Basically, you are offered to girls looking for 10km from home but marked “300km”.

You are entitled to one boost per month

For 30 minutes, you become the top profile of where you are: Tinder puts you forward and it’s true a shot to catch 10 games at once.

I advise you to do this on a Sunday evening around 20:45 for more success. This is the time when the girls are usually alone in their bed and think to touch. A strategic moment to play !!!
You can control what is displayed on your profile

You can choose to display your age or not. Your distance or not. I advise you to post all this.

You can decide to show your profile only to people you have liked … or to everyone (I advise you to do that instead).

You can choose to see who fits you best or who has been most recently active.

I do not see what it can do but I imagine that for a guy who wants to be discreet (trick his girlfriend or other), it can be useful.


The benefits of Tinder Gold

If you have already been on Tinder, you must know the principle. On this application, you create a profile, then we offer countless profiles of women on your news feed.

You can admire their photos tinder and yeuter their description if they put one and you just have to choose if the person you like (you swip to the right) or if you do not like (you swip to the left) .

Until now, Tinder warned us when a woman liked our profile, but without revealing her identity. This forced some men to like all profiles of women on the newsfeed, to find their match.

With Tinder Plus, you need to like women’s profiles to find your match. But you risk being disappointed because you can not know in advance who you liked. So you will very often end up with matches that do not match you. You will be forced to explain or at least communicate, your sudden disinterest.

Thanks to Tinder Gold today, we can avoid this delicate step and dedicate our time only to profiles that interest us.

5 Super likes

You are entitled to 5 super likes per day and this multiplies, according to Tinder, your chances of match by 3!

Find out how Likes You

The favorites are a new feature Tinder Gold, which presents the profiles with which you have, according to the app, the most chances to match! Each user receives a free Profile per day, but Tinder Gold members benefit from a daily selection of personalized favorites.

Personally, I have never had too much success with the “favorites” but hey.

Tinder Rewind : You can go back to your last swipe

If you accidentally swiped on the wrong side, you can go back to your last action and change your decision.

The return, it served me once: I liked a girl I should not (the best friend of one of my ass plans) so I went back
It allows you to remove ads

You can hide all the ads that sometimes appear between two profiles.

Tinder For Online Web Version for PC

Tinder was previously reserved for smartphones and Apple watches. Now the dating service is expanding its business on Mac and PC. Just open your browser and visit After an authentication with a Facebook account, the site redirects to Tinder Online, the platform of the application dedicated to Mac and PC. Continue reading Tinder For Online Web Version for PC