Grindr VS Tinder

Which app is the best for a one-night hug or meet the soul mate when you are gay, lesbian or bisexual? Softonic passes Grindr and Tinder on the test bench.


Grindr Xtra and Grindr are geolocation-based applications for meeting people in your area, your city or even your neighborhood. After downloading the app and creating an account, you have the option to upload a photo and fill in your profile with some personal details. Once these steps are completed, you can discover the other members of Grindr. All you have to do is start the conversation.

The standard application is free, but there is also a paid “Xtra” version. This one offers different additional options. Among them, by paying a subscription, you can avoid banner ads, see more online contacts and get more search filters.

The USA is the 1st country in the world to use the most Grindr. It ranks just behind the United States and England. Third city, Paris has nothing to envy either in New York or London with more than 412,000 users listed in July 2013. It’s even better than Los Angeles or San Francisco.

With more than 30 million messages and 2 million photos sent daily, Grindr is a must if you want to make gay encounters (it is almost exclusively for them) close to where you are.


Tinder is a free dating application only available on smartphone. Thanks to geolocation, Tinder app offers you user profiles. Six photos maximum to decide if the displayed profile interests you. Slide your finger to the right if the answer is yes and the conversation starts, finally, if the other one also shows its attraction (Find out how to register easily).

On the numbers side, Tinder is careful not to reveal exactly how many people are using its application. But the company ensures that the US is the 2nd largest market in the world.

The application is also famous for direct requests. It is not about serious dating, but clearly the fun of a night.

Finally, we do not know any figures in terms of sexual preferences. Specifically, the application is also squatted by the heterosexuals.


If you’re looking for love or a night shot, as a homosexual, lesbian or bisexual, the best app is definitely Grindr. Without subscription, it already brings major results. Tinder is attractive because it’s fun, but you’ll have more chances to meet Grindr.

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