How to Find Your Boyfriend on Tinder

How do you know if your Boyfriend is using Tinder? What Happens When You Catch Your Boyfriend on Tinder?

Since its inception in 2012, the app has already counted 10 trillion games. Everyone is on it! Even … those who should not be there. Do you suspect that partner has not closed his account?

The fun aspect of the app, the thrill of the meeting, the need to reassure … All these reasons can encourage people to register on Tinder. From there to actually meet his matches, there is only one step that can worry. A new website, Swipe Buster, lets you check if his darling is active on Tinder.

Find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder

You imagine already put all your directory under examination? We can not advise you against it. This check is not free and should be reserved for those who have serious doubts about the loyalty of their partner. You will have to pay $ 4.99 for the answer to your agonizing question (it remains cheaper than a private detective …).

However, we are not sure that it is worth it. Some girlfriends put in confidence, in a geometric area close to the suspect, can do the job by installing the app and checking if it is in the proposed profiles …

This last technique will be easier to justify as well. Imagine having to tell your culprit that you know he’s on Tinder because you paid a specialized site to find out. You will look like a hysterical paranoid. While, saying “A friend saw you by chance on Tinder”, looks much more balanced.

How it works?

Tinder has a public database containing information about all its users. It is not difficult to access. By entering on Swipe Buster the geographical area, the name and the age of your friend, the site can reveal to you the date of its last connection, its photos and some of its search criteria.

The ultimate goal of the site is not to unmask the infidels, but to point out the laxity of the application in terms of data protection … And to warn us against our laxity in the protection of our data personal.

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