How to Get Laid on Tinder

How to find a sex on Tinder? Our advice to go from one match to another.

Tinder is certainly the most used dating app in the World. With its system of swipes, it attracts all kinds of singles, but also seducers of all types. Some seek a stable relationship, others are listed “just to see” and then there are all who hope to quickly find a Tinder hookups.

If this kind of relationship is characterized by lack of headache, his research, however, is fraught with pitfalls. Far be it from me to fall into a sexist stereotype. But let’s face it, the one-night shot is often perceived as a typically masculine concept. And girls who assume freely and straightforward their sexfriend status, well it does not run the streets.

Not that they are all “holy-ni-touches”, but certainly rather because of some social pressure. Because yes, even if the blow of a night is in itself nothing degrading, this type of relationship is often seen with a bad eye.

Because finally a plan ass, what is it? It’s just two people who decide to share a pulpit. And that’s all. In this kind of relationship, we are crazy about having the same musical tastes. The important thing is that the physical attraction is mutual and that the alchemy operates under the quilt. There is no compromise, no promise … In short, for many the hookups is synonymous with freedom.

And even if it is not easy to find a plan on Tinder, you will see that this application is particularly suitable for this kind of research. But for it to be successful, it must still have a certain tact, a little experience and a lot of humor, as always.

Tinder, how does it work?

Small catch-up session for those who have never used Tinder. You register for free, either with Tinder on PC, or by downloading the application. As Tinder works on the freemium model, you can use a free version. However it is limited in the number of options and you will certainly want to switch to a subscription. There are two: Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Their price depends on your age but we oscillate between 9.99 € and 19.99 € per month. If you want to know the rates in detail, I recommend this article which details the Tinder subscriptions.

Once you have completed your registration (which can be done without going through Facebook), you just have to complete your profile. And here you will understand why I say that Tinder is particularly suitable for the plan of the plan ass. Here, there is no question of spreading your favorite dish through a detailed questionnaire. On Tinder we like simplicity: a concise description and pictures.

Anyway, nobody really knows how the Tinder algorithm that offers you singles works. The fact is that you will see profile pictures that you will scroll by sweeping with the fingertip. This gesture is called “a swipe”. If you swipe right, then Tinder understands “I like”. Conversely, if you swipe left, Tinder understands “I do not like”.

If you swip on the right a person who also swipes your profile on the right: Bingo! This is called a “match”. This is important because it’s the only way to start a conversation about Tinder.

Now that you know how Tinder works, let’s not waste time and get straight to the heart of our subject.

How to find Tinder hookups, step by step.

First step: a profile with p’tits onions.

One study found that, on average, a single person analyzes a profile for 6 seconds before sweeping. Basically, a look at the profile picture and the judgment falls. Another fact: there are more than 60 million registered users on Tinder worldwide. That being said, you can not ignore the fact that the competition is extremely tough. To find a sex on Tinder, you will start by heal your profile.

Choose a profile picture that highlights you. Be careful, this does not mean that you have to show off your hairy chest or hard-earned muscles in the gym. Think of a photo that highlights one aspect of your personality. If you are having an activity, or if you have visited an exotic place, or if you have done something you are proud of … In short, a photo that no one else will have.

Write an original and concise description. Avoid annoying descriptions of the “I signed up for dating” style. Be original, seek to provoke a smile or curiosity! I know, it’s not easy, that’s why we wrote a detailed article on the subject, on how to have a nice description Tinder.

Do not slap this step, it’s the typical mistake of many of us. You will see, the matches will not be long in falling.

Second step: the catch phrase that sets the tone without detonating.

That’s it, you’re almost there, you just match with your potential Tinder hookups. Do not go to work so quickly, there is still work on the board … The other typical mistake is to believe that a banal “cuckoo is fine” will be enough. Your quest for the Tinder hookups has just begun and it’s from the beginning that you’ll have to be tactful. The good news is that if you succeed in getting started, the rest will be almost naturally.

To start a conversation well, think first about your catchphrase. Once again, we have thought of everything, a detailed article on the subject is waiting for you here. You can largely draw inspiration from them, you will find moreover several examples. In general, your catchphrase must attract attention, it must be original. And most importantly, your target must be able to bounce on it easily. Because do not forget that your goal is to establish a climate of dredge and trust. The hookups Tinder is the relationship of people who do not take the lead, they are good-alive! So have humor, style, spread! Dare to slip into the role of a sure seducer from the beginning.

Yes I know, it’s easier said than done. This will surely require some practice. But believe me, no need to be Apollo to find plans on Tinder. Trust yourself, do not take yourself too seriously and you will find that you will quickly master the art of dragging on Tinder.

Third step: get his phone number quickly!

Do not wait and ask him pretty quickly his cell number. Of course, first make sure you are on the same wavelength. Do not waste your time with a girl who is looking for a stable relationship and who does not grab any of your poles. Finally, maybe you like the challenges … In short, the fact is that you must try to leave Tinder as soon as possible. Because finally, Tinder is the hunting ground of a lot of seducer, while in private message, the relationship is concretized a little more. And then it’s a good way to know right away if your target is potentially interested. If she is not, she will find an excuse not to give you her number.

A good tactic if you make an acute allergy to rake potential is to directly give him your phone number. That she choose herself if she wishes to continue the discussion. The only problem is that she may not contact you right away. She may take advantage of it to be desired. But at least if she contacts you you’ll know what it really is.

How to steer the conversation towards a sexfriends relationship?

Do not play Prince Charming

The most important thing is to be honest. As I told you, a Tinder hookups is not a degrading proposition in itself. If and only if things are clear from the beginning. Abandon the strategy of Prince Charming because she will see you from a distance. “All that glitters is not gold” as they say. Do not try to go for someone else and play cards on the table right from the start. But with subtlety.

Play around themes that reflect the positive values ​​of the evening plan: freedom and spontaneity. She must consider the plan as an experience that enhances it and not as something degrading, as most people think. Bring it back into your game, stir up his curiosity. Bet on double meaning, humor, teasing, disguised compliments … Try to sexualize the exchanges to the maximum, set the tone!

Watch out for girls’ shit test

The “shit test” you do not know? Yet you must have already been the victim! Did you ever, during a conversation, suddenly feel like a cold? As if you had said something wrong? You can re-read your words, nothing works, you do not see the problem! Well that’s it, the girls’ shit test. In any case that’s what happens if you do not pass the test successfully.

It is a defense mechanism that a girl starts when she feels that there is a “rock eel”. It amounts to subtly pulling the worms. For example, if you make a compliment a little unbalanced, she will surely tell you “you tell that to all the girls you meet? In reality she wants to know if you are sincere, nothing more. Same, it may be that she asks you, seemingly nothing “you come often flirt with Tinder? In reality she wants to know if you are one of her unscrupulous seducers who are not always honest about their intentions. If you answer beside, she will shut herself up.

Above all, do not be more suspicious than you are. Avoid an answer like “No, I hardly ever come, I’m not a fan of the concept” because she’s going to frown so much that she’s going to keep a wrinkle. Instead, bet on an answer of the style “yes I come often but I never find what I seek! There is nobody of interest on Tinder, it’s crazy! You will see, it will bounce straight and you will have the test without damage!

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