How to Get More Matches on Tinder

They are called Benoit, Julien, Chris, Thomas, André, Mathieu … They are all guys like you, they are on Tinder, but they have no match. They are wondering how to have more Tinder match quickly. I will show you how, step by step, you will be able to turn your Tinder profile into a match machine. How to have more Tinder match in 4 steps

But beware, it will be at the expense of effort, because if it were easy, you would not be there.

Why you do not have matches on Tinder

I will get into the hot topic.

You are on Tinder, but you do not collect games with girls.

No it’s not Tinder who gives you a trap and I’ll tell you why you do not have a Tinder match.

First reason, your profile is too sloppy. So what do I mean by sloppy? Well I think the best is that I analyze you a profile that does not work so that you can draw parallels with yours.

Mistakes that should not be made in your Tinder man profile

If you have a similar profile to Thomas, then it’s normal that you do not have a match. Tinder photos add value to your profile. In your Tinder photos, you need to keep a focus:

“To be as masculine as possible”

Bring out your alpha male side, show off one of your favorite activities, but most of all keep in mind that they have to talk to women without saying a single word. Then spice up your profile with a good description, and there you will have more Tinder match.

Profiles with well-chosen photos and a good Tinder description are so rare that the girls throw themselves on them.

I will help you to guide you in your choices (I analyze my profile at the end of the article), you can also start with this mega article on tinder photos.
Why you do not have a match: Your value in the Tinder market

What I am going to write to you here is of paramount importance.

Your profile is your trading currency on Tinder. Because yes Tinder is a marketplace meeting.

The less you work on your profile, the poorer you are, the less you will have a match. But work on your profile it goes through all the preparations before you take a picture, that is to say, work the image that you send back, the messages that are passing your photos and especially make sure you leave nothing to chance.

You should also be aware that even if your profile is concrete, you may not be able to match with dummies. Yes, life is badly done, but it is the law of the richest.

In my opinion (and I act like that for myself), you must be in line with what you want to match to increase your matches.

Have More Tinder Matches: What Girls Look First On Your Tinder Profile

To have more Tinder match, I will explain how girls behave on Tinder (because the more you understand the behavior of users, the more you can adjust and improve your profile on Tinder man). Already Tinder and all dating applications are growing more and more selective, as there are more and more choices.

Too many choices kill the choice.

Here’s what you need to know about Tinder’s girl behavior in relation to your profile:

They scroll through the profiles at a great V speed. So choosing your tinder profile picture (the main one) is paramount.
If you pass the test of the first photo, they will click on the right to see the rest of the photos (to see if they decide to visit your profile). However if you put the package on the first picture but the rest is not good, then they will press the cross.
If your photos are convincing, then the match is almost there. They will take a turn on your profile, your description Tinder will be a real bonus to tilt the scales in your favor and especially they start the discussion in a row after the game.

How do I know all this?

I observe for more than 5 years that I do my job as a seduction coach, the girls around me use Tinder. And they all have the same behavior (finally a very large majority). They rarely linger on a profile, they swip often to the left (because too many guys botch their profile), and when a guy works a little more tinder photos, then they decide to put heart on it.

How to start to have more matches on Tinder

First thing to do to have more Tinder match, you will put your Tinder account to 0. I want you to delete it.

Why ?

Because Tinder gives you a rating of desirability. For simplicity :

If you match all the profiles, you are junk because you like everyone.
If you do not match any, you are undesirable because you do not like anyone.

Well I took the extremes, but depending on your rating, Tinder will put you more or less in front of women.

So, that’s why you have to start from 0.

Second, you will work your photos, go with a friend and go take pictures with your mobile phone (on different days, because your mine changes depending on the day). Help yourself street furniture to make pretty pictures. Download Instagram for the occasion and see how guys make stylish photos and reproduce them or just inspire you. Once done, keep the best photos for your Tinder profile and have more Tinder match.
Tercio, work your description Tinder. There are essential elements to put in, like your size for example (only if you are big) and add a punchline like for example:

“Do not save your pleasure, match me”

I was inspired by Cdiscount’s slogan (“Do not save your fun”) to create this Tinder description.

Be inspired by slogan to write a phrase that will give even more flavor to your profile.

I read one day on the profile of an Asian, this description:

“Have you always wondered what’s in the spring rolls? I have the answer! ”

He plays on a cliché related to his ethnic origin, it’s very clever on his part to cause a match.

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