How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

How to start a conversation on Tinder. Before going into the heart of the matter, a short video to show you the importance of a good game in your conversations Tinder. You will love !


In this article, we will see what you need to start by telling your games, until the moment of the interaction where you will be able to converse freely, to move into what is called the “comfort zone”. The goal here is to show you how to attract your target to maximize your chances of meeting her.

But is not this woman already attracted since she liked me?

Indeed, we can compare this to an “eye contact” in the street: this is an invitation to go further by giving positive signs. However, you can not go see her by offering to go for a drink directly (this point is discussed in chapter 4 of our file)

You can not start the conversation by asking her what she does in life, if she has brothers and sisters …

Oh? Why this ?

Because she does not know you and you must, in general, avoid starting with comfort (knowing things of his life) before pleasing him.

The goal is to please him. For that, we will have to show him that:

  • has social intelligence: we understand the situation and we master it (we do not
  • start with questions that are too personal)
  • is fun and we have good times with us
  • is a normal person, and that she has no reason to be worried if we meet

To convey all these qualities present in us, we must succeed in chatting with her! By chat, I hear send messages close in time, without it runs 12 hours between each message. Of course, this is not always possible depending on the person you have in front, but as far as possible, it will be necessary to do your utmost to get a smooth conversation. This will greatly facilitate the interaction to create the attraction and will result much more quickly than a succession of endless messages. Do not forget that a pretty girl under Tinder gets matches by the hundreds and you have to get out of the crowd.

Once the attraction is created, I encourage you to meet it quickly to continue your game face to face. But before that, let’s see how to start a Tinder conversation.

The right Tinder Pickup Line

You may have read our article about funny Pickup Line – 18 examples that work on the internet, our 2 dedicated articles, giving many examples of catch phrases. But why is the catchphrase so important?

Just because she gives the first impression. In the context of online seduction, however, it is necessary to put all this into perspective. Its importance is much less than in a face-to-face approach in real life.

While the goal in this approach is to immediately give a good first impression by the set {verbal + nonverbal communication}, the goal in online seduction is different.

The goal of the hook is to have an answer. The first impression is given by our profile, almost independently of our catch.

You must absolutely avoid being heavy and try to stand out from the crowd. So you have to stay simple while doing something different from others.

Ok. Easy to say but concretely, I have to say what?

Remember the statistics given in our article How I got 160 Tinder match in less than 10h: the “hello”, “hello”, “you’re crisp” represent more than 90% of the hooks that made the contenders of our female profile, who has received more than 160 matches in a few hours! Stand out: Get out of the crowd

Attention, I’m not saying that a simple “Hello! Or “Hello! Will not give you an answer and you will not be able to conclude with a girl approached this way. I’m just saying that you’re going to be at the same level as all the other guys who have come to talk to him so far and so you’re falling into the crowd …

Several better options are available to you. There is no perfect Tinder phrase and suitable for all situations. However, there are dozens of original ways to approach a girl on Tinder, and a great way to engage the conversation is to find a detail in the profile of your target, to make an original circumstance:

If we take our female profile, whose first picture represented her sucking her thumb, an excellent catchphrase would be:

At your age, you should not normally suck your thumb;)
the guy noticed something in the photo
he reflected on his approach so that it was not too obvious and turned it pleasantly.

This is the key, be it for the catchphrase, or for the lines you use later. If the circumstantial is too obvious (if it is not a detail in the profile but an essential feature), be sure that you will not be the only one to use it and your approach will lose much of its zest. To avoid then. Here is for example an excellent beginning of conversation Tinder engaged by Sylvain on a beautiful blonde, he has seen several times it seems to me;). The description of his profile clearly indicated to those taking pictures in their mirror or not knowing how to write French to go their way. With such an opener, Sylvain immediately stands out from the crowd and suddenly becomes worthy of great interest.

Avoid serious topics of conversation (politics, war …), money, sex … and privilege the fun

It may seem obvious but it should be remembered. Even if you have fabulous ideas and are dying to share them, serious topics have no place in this moment of conversation.

In this phase, you will avoid talking about money because the relationship of people to it is very different (and the subject is generally not very interesting, especially on a dating site …)

Similarly, I advise against talking about sex for 2 reasons:

it’s way too soon: the sexualization of conversation is a key step in seduction. However, during the first exchanges, to broach the subject can put the girl on the defensive
many guys are looking for sex on Tinder: the subject is not moose and can disqualify you quickly. As such, I am not in favor of sexualizing the conversation on Tinder and I usually wait for the date to tackle it …

Conversely, focus on any subject or behavior that can lead (and get you) to have a good time.

Play games, role plays, make conversation light and surprising
Adopt a fun and sexy behavior …

Indeed, from my point of view, the goal on Tinder is to quickly get to have fun with his match. For that, when I ask a question or when I answer, I must have this goal in mind. The two points I just mentioned could be the subject of articles alone. I will give in this article two examples of attitude that illustrate my words:

privilege us: propose topics / stories that you create together (imagine a trip, an adventure …)
the concept of climbing: all the beauty in this concept is the fact that you drag the other person without really masking it: for that, it must have pleasure to be embarked in your game, knowing what it is occurring.

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