How to Talk to Girls on Tinder

Tinder has become a leading player on the online dating scene, but finding a way to talk to girls can be difficult. If you have tried the classic “Hi, how are you?” Without success it may be time to improve your drag technique. The girls on Tinder receive messages from many different people, so your goal is to show that you are not like the others. By following a few criteria, talking to girls about Tinder is easier than you think.

Start a conversation on Tinder

Step 1

Take the first step. Even though some girls on Tinder site will send you a message first, it will often be up to you to take the first step. Waiting for a girl to write you is a passive attitude, while starting the conversation is an active attitude that demonstrates that you are interested. Wait a few hours after receiving a match to not appear too fervent.
In general, girls will not take the first step for fear that a person thinks they are more interested than it is.
Remember, even if you have a match, there is no guarantee that a girl will answer you. Do not take it too much to heart if girls do not always respond when you write to them.

Step 2

Mention his name somewhere in the first message. If you want to make her feel that you’re talking to her personally, that she’s not just another girl, mention her name. People are more likely to respond when their name is mentioned in a conversation.

Do not fall into excess by using it in all sentences. Once will suffice.
Use it at the beginning of the message like this: “Hi Marie, I was wondering how many people have quoted you lyrics of songs here? ”

Use it later to emphasize something like this: “I’ve always heard that you existed, but I never really believed it. Now it’s confirmed, a girl named Mallory exists for real. ”

Step 3

Create a first intriguing message. Girls get a lot of boring and all the same messages, so your goal is to get away from it all. Write something thought out specifically for her that does not give the impression that it’s a phrase you use repeatedly. You want to arouse her curiosity so that she wants to talk to you.
Say for example: “I can not believe it happened again …” Continue by mentioning that you are playing with a lot of “snobbish” girls (or some other main feature). Ideally she will want to show that she is different from other girls.
Your goal is to generate interest, so avoid something as simple as “Hi, how are you?” »Or« What’s new? This type of message will not stand out for her and will not make her want to talk to you.

Other options are: “Elodie, could you fix a bet between me and my friend? Or “Julie, what should I write to you to make you want to answer?” Or “Emilie, if you had to choose another person with the same name as me, who would it be?” ”

Step 4

Check your grammar and spelling. Check your grammar and spelling before pressing Send. Making a good impression is useless if you send nasty text with lots of slang and typos. You do not have to capitalize and use punctuation, but you must use the words in full and make complete sentences. Girls appreciate when you take the trouble to write well.

Say something like this: “Amelie, you seem to be the type to love Coldplay, are you going to see them at the Zenith this summer? ”

Do not analyze what you have written afterwards, but read it again to make sure you have not made mistakes. Also make sure that the auto-proofer did not change what you meant.

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