How to Write a Good Tinder Bio

Before you deliver our secrets to a good Tinder description, we would like to give you some awesome information about this app. The goal here is to allow you to take a step back and engage yourself conscientiously in this quest for relationship 2.0.

First, Tinder has about 50 million users worldwide, more than 65% of whom are men (about 32.5 million). Secondly, the app has counted more than 10 billion matches since its inception, for an average of 14 billion swipes right each day. Let 1 match for 511 swipes right … It should allow some to relativize!

That’s why in this article we will explain how to write a Tinder description. But also why a simple description will allow you to multiply your number of daily matches. And to go further, we will even give you examples of Tinder description that will allow you to inspire you! (but not to copy)

That being said, let’s start!

Why is it difficult for some to seduce on Tinder?

Women on dating apps are in the minority, while men make up the majority of users. Which naturally leads us to a more abundant profile choice for women and a more restricted choice for men.

And behavioral analyzes that have been done on the Tinder application, have shown that men are much less selective than women. Again, it makes sense that women get a lot more games than men on Tinder.

(Women swipe right on average 14% of the time, men 46%)

Unfortunately, this behavior leads to a vicious circle. Because the women crumbling under the matches can afford to be more and more selective, and conversely, the men them are less and less to hope to get even a match!

It may sound disheartening like that, right? However, it is an advantage for those who will know how to use it the right way … And this good way is to look at what women like about a man’s Tinder profile.

And since behavioral analyzes have gone further than simply observing the match ratio obtained between men and women, we have very interesting information to share with you … But we’ll talk about it later in the article!
Always have a Tinder description

The analyzes that were done on Tinder could demonstrate an important thing. You will get 4 times more match with a description than without! So warm up your brains and your gentlemen’s keyboards!

Because it is scientifically proven! Tinder profiles having a description get more matches. So you must not miss out on this opportunity to increase your seductive potential!

Not having a description, shows you that you do not even make the effort to take five short minutes to write a few lines to introduce yourself. What will happen to your first date? And especially from the rest of your relationship?

But beware ! Some descriptions will make you lose more points than they will win you …

The difference between dating apps and sites

There is one thing to know about dating apps like: I sweep right or left to communicate or not my interest. The length of your description is limited to 500 characters!

I can already hear some who shout “victory” at the idea of ​​botching their presentation and chaining appointments. Calm your ardor gentlemen. On Tinder where any other application of its kind, it’s not quantity that counts, but quality.

You must understand that in your description Tinder, every word to its importance, its impact. You must take care to choose your words and their meaning.

To improve your description over time, count your swipe / match ratio. Then you can try to improve your description by making some changes. You will only have to repeat a test and count your ratio to see if it has improved or not.

Captivate attention from the first words

On dating applications (as well as sites), we are consumer products … Often unsold, regularly for single use, sometimes reusable and from time to time exclusive. It is therefore interesting to have a slogan to stand out from other products in order to achieve our goal.

A kind of catchphrase to hold attention, an interesting value, a punchline. Imagine the time women spend in scrolling through the profiles, before falling on one of them that holds her attention. If she clicks on your face, give her the pleasure of catching her attention from the first sentence!

Speak a little about yourself, just a little …

Contrary to what one might think, it is better to avoid talking too much about yourself in its description Tinder. Why do you think?

Because it is much more interesting to get to know you by messages and even better, face to face (which must be your goal).

But that does not mean that you should not reveal anything about yourself, on the contrary. You should as best as possible insert small personal touches so that we know a little about you.

Being mysterious is good. But too much being, does not give confidence. So how do you talk about yourself as best as possible in your description? Inspired by masculine qualities that attract women.

These qualities can be temperamental:

  • You are a faithful man
  • You are not afraid of commitment
  • You are kind nature
  • You prefer the truth to the lie
  • You have the potential to be a good father

But it can also be personality traits:

  • You have a sense of humor
  • You have good social intelligence
  • You are a passionate
  • You trust yourself
  • You are a generous man

These qualities can also come from your skills:

  • You know how to listen when it is necessary
  • You are not afraid to show your desire for a woman
  • You are a good shot in bed
  • You are a blue cordon in the kitchen
  • You have a good job

And to finish, these qualities can be physical:

  • You have a good dress style
  • You have a beautiful face
  • You are a tall man
  • You are a muscular guy
  • You have a good physical condition

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