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Gabe just got out of a relationship and he is not looking for anything too serious. He does not want a child. He thought about it with his ex, but it broke his heart. From now on, he does not want to attach himself to anyone anymore. He wants something not too serious with someone who is down to earth, self-respecting and does not spend all his time taking selfies.

His mother is a bit overwhelming. He could not go out with a person he can not take to his mother’s house but, again, he does not want anything serious. He said all that, just in case. In case the girl of her dreams falls on her profile. He thinks of taking a dog since his ex had custody of theirs during the separation. I will never go out with Gabe. I know everything about him after reading his Tinder bio. I learned everything, and then I quickly swipe to the left.

I know I know. You have often been told that you should not leave your bio empty on Tinder. And today, as if nothing had happened, now I’m going after the ones that are too detailed. What do women want? I imagine we would like this whole dating story to be enough for you to take the time to present yourself properly. That being said, we certainly do not want to serve as a discharge for your emotional baggage even before a potential match. Let’s stay calm.

Some information is crucial in a profile. For example, if you are non-monogamous, for an ethical reason, it must be made clear – you should not waste time monogamous people, or even yourself. But do not say too much either. In this case, all that should be said is summed up in these few words: “non-monogamous for ethical reasons”.

That’s all. There are guys who do too much: “Hi, it’s Aidan, I’m not monogamous for ethical reasons, I have a relationship with my partner goddess Emma, ​​but she lives in San Francisco. at the moment, I’m inter-coastal and I could eventually move in. In the meantime, I’m looking for someone with the same state of mind to date … Emma and I have herpes but we manage very well to manage eruptions by taking Valtrex every day. ”

I appreciate this honesty. (If you have herpes or another STD, you should share the information with your partners before any sexual relationship – this is the kind of discussion that is best done in person.) I’m for that we pay homage to non-monogamous relationships and end the stigma around STDs but, let’s be honest, no one will read this profile without imagining Emma remind Aidan to take his Valtrex before taking his flight to San Francisco.

Tinder profiles are made to help you have relationships, not to write your memoirs. Of course, you can explain that you are divorced but if in the second paragraph of your bio – and there should not be a second paragraph in your bio – you give the name of the psychiatrist of your ex-wife then we swipe to the left. All adults have a liability.

This is not an evil. Our past relationships make us interesting and complex. One of the most beautiful things in building a relationship, or even at an appointment, is gradually entrusting our experiences of lives and sorrows to a person who will not judge us and share his back . Evoking the whole story of your life in your profile on a dating app will not only scare potential contenders but will also deprive you of the opportunity to know someone over time.

To make a good Tinder bio, nothing more simple: introduce yourself and add a sentence or two on what you are looking for. End with the emoji of your choice.

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