Tinder Boost

Tinder boost is a feature that allows users to pay to appear faster on smartphones of other users in the same neighborhood for 30 minutes.

Certainly, Tinder has a hard time knowing how to dance, between his supposed desire to be no more than a meeting service for one night, and his services that seem to do everything to continue to make Tinder the most effective world, even if the society defends itself bitten.

According to Mashable, the social platform is currently testing a new feature that our bad mind believes is designed especially for those who are very (but really) in a hurry to find a sexual partner when they are in a city for a night out, or who want to maximize their chances.

Called “Tinder Boost”, the feature is to pay Tinder to boost the visibility of his profile for 30 minutes, so that it does not appear at random Tinder algorithms to determine who has the best chance to match with who, but because we paid for his picture to be seen by these ladies or gentlemen in search of company.

“By using Tinder Boost, a user profile will appear first (or not far) for other users in your area, for a whopping 30 minutes. The brand says it equates to up to 10 more minutes of profile views, “Mashable writes. Boosts can be purchased individually or in packs, and a free boost per week will be available to Tinder Plus subscribers.

Obviously, the service defends itself there again to favor the shots of a night between lovers in a hurry. It would be, she says, to “provide you with a simple, fun presentation of new people nearby so you can go out and meet them in the real world”.


What’s good with Tinder is that there are so many people that we’re good to meet someone. On condition of being seen, what. With Tinder Boost, it’s now a futility!

A bit like a good resolution (very) in advance, Tinder has obviously decided to help you conclude on its dating platform. And the app gives itself the means! Beyond the advice of the sociologist Tinder who explained that it was more clever to bet on a colorful profile picture and that it was important to dare to take the first step in a discussion, the dating app also brought a a revolution in its service: Tinder has simply invited Spotify into your games, allowing you to highlight your favorite songs and share clips with your potential dates.

All this without neglecting the launch of Smart Photos on Tinder, namely an algorithm that combines science and seduction to help you always more. Less than a week after this little revolution, Tinder is already back on the scene to introduce another novelty: Tinder Boost. As you can see, the goal is, once again, to boost your chances of playing! But how does it work ?

Do you feel lost or invisible in the jungle of handsome kids who sign up every day on Tinder? Stop panicking. The dating app deployed the function that will allow you to stand out, literally and figuratively: Tinder Boost, a tool which allows you to appear first in the Tinder profiles, in your perimeter, for 30 minutes.

The dream, no? You can stay on your cloud: according to a study conducted by the application, “when you activate Tinder boost, you increase your chances to match, with your profile that can be seen up to 10 times more”. Ten times more views, ten times more matches? Do not exaggerate but it is clearly promising! Very simply, the Boost function can be activated by all users. While Tinder Plus members get one free weekly boost, others (and Tinder Plus gourmands) can easily buy a Boost whenever they want. Let’s Boost and match! What do you think of this feature?

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