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Tinder was previously reserved for smartphones and Apple watches. Now the dating service is expanding its business on Mac and PC. Just open your browser and visit tinder.com. After an authentication with a Facebook account, the site redirects to Tinder Online, the platform of the application dedicated to Mac and PC.

Tinder has a web version for PC and Mac

Tinder Online has some peculiarities compared to the mobile application. It is possible to scroll through the profiles with the mouse and integrated messaging is practical. However, the features of Tinder Online are still basic. In addition, the website is available for everyone around the world.

The company is still looking for further improvements. It looks in particular on a system of connection by SMS. While it was revealed that Tinder had a hidden application reserved for the “elite”, it could well be that Tinder Online also presents a version that addresses the sexy, beautiful and rich people.

Tinder Mobile App Vs Tinder Online Web Version

Tinder has quickly established itself as the premier meeting app. But did you know that there is a PC version that works via a browser? There are some advantages to using this version. Here they are.

Let’s start by recalling the concept of Tinder: you come across the profiles of girls or boys located a certain number of kilometers from your geographical position. You can adjust the age of the people you want to meet to narrow or enlarge the spectrum of proposed profiles. You then have two choices: drag the picture to the left to indicate that you are interested or to the right to go to the next person. Note that you have the option of super like: thanks to it, the person will know that you fell under his spell. If two users like each other, it’s a match!

In case of match, you can discuss with the person and why not go further. It is clear that the application is clearly designed to be used on smartphone and tablet but there is a PC version. What for?

Why a Tinder for PC ?

It is clear that Tinder has launched a PC version to reach a new audience. Because it may seem crazy but there are people who do not have a smartphone in 2019. So, they can still meet on their computer. It is therefore mainly a commercial tool for Tinder which thus wins new single users (or not elsewhere).

Then, the PC version offers a little more discretion to the user. Because in a public place, a person who makes his little market on his smartphone is rather easy to notice: it fixed his screen swiping frantically to the right or left. On PC, you are more discreet since everything can be done with the mouse.


But in the end it’s important: are there differences between the mobile version and the PC version. The answer is no. It’s exactly the same principle, the features are exactly the same. The only thing that changes: everything is done with the mouse at the expense of our pretty fingers. It is true that it is perhaps a little easier to register: one can easily connect through Facebook or via a phone number or an email address.

You will be able to fill the same information as on mobile but know that on PC, the users tend to take more time. It is therefore advisable to take care of your bio to seduce or impress your future conquests.

By cons, you can not adjust the GPS data since you are no longer on a mobile device itself. To like or swipe a person simply by clicking on the green heart or the red cross. And in case of match, you will be able to discuss exactly as on the application. Pay attention to your catchphrase!

Tinder Online for Swiping anywhere on any device

Did you know that you can use Tinder with your PC? While the application was created specifically for use on smartphone, but there is also a PC version. No question of swipe on PC, but it is still quite possible to use the application.

Tinder, if you did not know it, is one of the most popular online dating apps out there. Depending on the search criteria you have entered, you will see profiles scrolling. If you like, drag the profile to the right, otherwise it’s to the left, nothing more simple! Most ? You can only chat with people who have also “liked” you, that is, who have dragged your profile to the right.

Then, it is about knowing how to find a good phrase, to maintain a good conversation, and get the precious appointment!

Why prefer the Web Version?

There are several reasons to prefer the PC version of Tinder. Originally designed for smartphones, more and more people now prefer to limit the use of the application to their computer.

The Tinder for PC version is primarily for those who do not have a smartphone, or versions too old to download the mobile application. And indeed, not everyone has a state-of-the-art smartphone for a lot of reasons! The appearance of the PC version should therefore allow to increase even more the number of users of Tinder, and therefore to have even more choice!

But even if you have a smartphone, you could still be tempted by the PC version. In general, Tinder on smartphone allows to use it anytime, and anywhere. Whether you take a break at work, whether you are in transport, etc. Tinder is at your disposal at any time. So we spend a lot of time! To be content with the PC version allows to limit somewhat its use of the platform so as not to become addicted to swipes!

But the PC version can also give you a little more discretion! Some people do not always have their presence on Tinder. Receiving lots of notifications that are clearly displayed on your phone may not be very discreet if you want to keep your online life private! With the PC version, no problem! You only use it when you are alone at home, and no one can judge you on what you do online! So, no inquisitive look swiping in the subway!

Tinder for PC or smartphone, what’s the difference?

None! The PC version of Tinder is more or less the same as the smartphone version. The difference is that here we do not scan his screen with his finger to scroll through the profiles, and in the same way, we do not swipe to match (finally you can always try …)!

You will scroll through the profiles using your mouse. If the person likes you, then it will be necessary to click on the little green heart, otherwise, it will be necessary to click on the red cross! So it’s just as easy as the phone version!

To register on Tinder PC, it is also the same rules that apply. The easiest way is to register via your Facebook account. If you prefer the PC version for the sake of discretion, be aware that Tinder never publishes anything on your Facebook wall. Via your Facebook profile, you can easily upload your photos, and more information is transmitted to your Tinder profile, such as the pages you like. This allows people who see you to choose you with a little more information.

If you register on Tinder through your Facebook account, you can also change your age on Tinder! This may include allowing you to claim a cheaper premium subscription.

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your Facebook and Tinder profiles separate, be aware that you can register simply by using your phone number.

The only difference is that your PC may not have GPS. In this case the geolocation will not be activated. However, you can still search for profiles by criteria just like on the phone version.

Tinder on PC: simple and just as effective as on the mobile app

If you do not want to download the Tinder app to your phone, it’s good to know that the PC version is just as effective. If you take good care of your profile, add a good description and you can chat online, then you will have as many appointments! Sure, flirting online is not as easy as it sounds, but with a little practice, you should meet more and more people!

In short, the Tinder version on PC works just as well as its mobile version. If you are afraid that it does not work as well, think again, it’s really the same thing! It remains to know if you know how to go about flirting with Tinder!

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