Tinder Plus

Tinder is enriched by additional features and the wallet of its users. The dating application is free for classic use, but if you want to take advantage of the new options of the Tinder Plus mount, you will have to remove the blue card.
New features “Rewind” and “Passport”

Let’s get to the heart of the matter with the first “Rewind” tool, a sort of CTRL + Z with Tinder sauce. It allows you to go back to the previous profile that you may have been mistakenly denied. A useful option when you tend to go too fast on the profiles, a finger that slips on the wrong choice and maybe you will miss a plausible meeting or the woman of your life who knows. Henceforth this clumsiness is of the past. If you’re still clumsy with the app, we invite you to check out our article to learn how to use Tinder.

The “Passport” option allows you to change your position and find affinities around the world. You are no longer limited to 160 km of the basic application and your playground is growing. Practical if you have decided to spend a holiday in this area, you can already prepare possible dates.
Tinder Plus’s premium offer also disables ads. Personally we have never been bothered by the little intrusive ads on this app.

Apparently this new offer also brings a lot of change to the free version of Tinder. The first known modification to date concerns a limitation of the number of “likes” over 24 hours.

What about the price?

Tinder’s strategy is distinguished by a price choice based on the age of the user. For example in England, those over 28 years will have to pay 14.99 USD while those under 28 will have to pay 3.99 pounds per month.
In the United States, the price is $ 9.99 for under 30s and $ 19.99 for thirties and over. We have no more information about France except what we propose the application. In my case, young thirty asserted, Tinder offers me to increase the offer Plus for 2.99 USD per month. When I go to the Apple Store for more information, I see 6 different rates without any information ranging from 1.99 euros to 19.99 euros. For now, the offer remains confusing but do not doubt that Tinder will clarify all this soon for the French market. According to the company spokesperson “the price of the subscription starts at 2.99 dollars in emerging countries”, which leads us to ask us at CDUF if we have become an emerging country. Maybe a future good sign for our economy, thank you Tinder!

Why an age-based pricing?

Are we equal in face of encounters when we are 20 or 35/40 years old? A priori yes and not according to Tinder. At 20 years old we have the kidney that goes well, at 40 years we have the experience of the fighter and maybe extra pounds. In any case for the application when we are young we have no money and when we are over 30 years we necessarily have the bank account well filled. Some companies are already using this pricing strategy to make their services accessible to students. Tinder’s Rosette Pambakian said in a statement that “We defined Tinder Plus prices based on a combination of several factors and what we learned during the testing phase” and concluded that “the final prices were very well accepted by some demographics of age “. If you have 20 euros to spend on a subscription, we advise you to consult our comparison of dating sites. It’s a better investment until Tinder expands.

Our advice and a tip for Tinder Plus

Tinder deserved a makeover. A first step has been taken, but there is still work to be done to remain competitive against a competition that multiplies the original ideas. The new Tinder Plus offer is attractive, but we expect more options for this application, especially when you have to pay 20 USD per month for over 30 years. Given the resurgence of similar application with innovative ideas, it seems that future changes should appear in Tinder for the coming months. In the meantime, you can always change the age of your Facebook profile or create a second one to pay less for new premium features.

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