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Tinder has recently unveiled a new feature that would facilitate dating on its application. Indeed, difficult to stand out in this ocean of profiles of guys playing guitar or surfing. Good news so, for those who have difficulties to match on Tinder, the app launches the Super Like (which you can access by simply updating it on your phone).

Tinder would have us believe that the game of mobile dating will be completely revolutionized by its Super Like. But is this really the case? I tested for you this new feature, which I present in this article, with my opinion, as a bonus.

Tinder Super Like , what is it?

If you have already spent some time on Tinder, which I imagine to be the case since you are reading this article), you already know that men and women do not really swap the same way.

By watching a group of girls use the application, you will see that they take the time to consult the profiles, and sometimes even chooses before swiping a photo to the right. It must be said that as long as they are pretty (and actually presentable), it will almost always result in a match.

In our case, it’s a little more complicated, since to have a chance to play (and to make a meeting, I determined that I needed approximately 50 swipes), I have to swipe to the right a maximum of profile .

This is also the case for many men who use the application. Hence the interest of the Super Like.

What is the interest of this new feature?

As its name suggests, the Super Like is nothing more than a unique Like, which means to signify to your target that it attracts you (much) more than a profile to whom you would have given a like classic.

To activate it, just click on the blue shooting star at the bottom right of your smartphone screen. You can also give a profile a super like by swiping it up.

The other particularity of Super Like and that, unlike the classic like, your match will know that you sent him this Like a little special in advance. When your profile picture is displayed on her screen, she will indeed see a small badge (representing the famous shooting blue star) and will know immediately that you have “super liked” her profile. The goal is clearly to encourage him to pay a little more attention to your profile, and to match you back. The power of flattery 2.0, in short.

Although I imagine that this feature is mainly used by men, it is also accessible to users. No discrimination on the part of Tinder on this one.
Multiply your chances to match by 3!

In creating the Super Like, Tinder responds directly to the many critics who accuses him of being an application only dedicated to the ass plans (which is not completely wrong). Tinder would like to reintroduce a little romance on its platform by giving the possibility to its users to express a real crush (see even love at first sight). In truth, we can especially wonder if this is not another weapon in the hands of the less fortunate of us, who are repressed in 90% of cases because of a bad profile photo (or ‘an ungrateful physique).

This is also what highlights the team of Tinder, which states that users who used this new feature would have had 70% longer conversation with their match compared to a classic like. Still according to Tinder, the Super Like would allow you to multiply your chances to match by 3. After that, it does not mean that a longer conversation will allow you to get an appointment (it is also rather bad sign on Tinder). But we can always hope. Feel free to read our article how to properly engage and maintain a Tinder conversation to go further.

The limits of Super Likes

You’ll understand, the goal of the Super Like is precisely to avoid the right swipe too intensive. That’s why Tinder has decided to limit the use of its new feature, so that it does not fall into the same way as the classic like.

For free Tinder users, you will have the opportunity to send a super like every 12 hours. The paid version of the app, Tinder plus, is a little less limited since over the same amount of time, you will have 5 Super Likes. So be careful to use them, choosing the profiles that you like the most, and with which you have less chance to match.

Prices and fees

As for the intentions of the application behind the creation of this Super Like, we can imagine that she wanted to break the monotony of the swipe (which does not mean much more, finally) and encourage meetings on its platform. In my opinion, this is especially a good way to attract users to the paid version of Tinder.

To be able to use more Super Likes, you will have to switch to Tinder Plus, whose rates are not fixed but depend on your age, as well as your statistics on the application of meeting (your number of matches, etc.). Prices also vary depending on the country in which you are, but for our readers, it takes between 1.99 euros and 19.99 USD per month (spread over 6 different levels). You will understand, the Super Like is not always free, far from it.

My opinion after testing the Super Like

Let’s move on to what I actually thought of this new feature proposed by Tinder. It must be said that the application is the subject of much criticism. Some media (including Vanity Fair) consider that the application has killed the romanticism. And bar bosses have even accused Tinder of emptying their facility or increasing the number of people affected by an STD. The application therefore clearly seeks to offer better ways to seduce with the Super Like, which seems to me a logical continuation of its development.

But all the interest of Super Like, for a user like me, is to maximize my chances to match, and therefore, to meet people. Without this, this option is of no use to me. It’s hard to check Tinder’s advanced stats, and after a week of use, my 2 Super Like a day allowed me to have 10 “Super Match”, which is pretty good. But I’m not sure that these girls would not have liked me without, since I already managed to match with very beautiful girls on the application without Super Like.

And beyond the results, I admit that I do not really like the position in which we put the Super Like. By posting our interest directly (even before she makes her decision), I feel like begging for her match. In our trade, the balance is clearly on his side after a Super Like, and I do not feel so comfortable to flirt.

Finally, I prefer not to use this option, and rather look after my profile pictures and description. I find that the relationship of seduction is much more balanced and fun than with a Super Like which consists neither more nor less to say to him:

“Waooouh! You’re really hot and I dream of going out with you. “

And I’m not sure that a phony profile or a really disastrous photo will have more match with this Super Like without. Because if you do not like it, Super Like or not, it will not sweep you to the right.

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