Tinder Without Facebook

By installing Tinder, the dating app asks to log in to Facebook. But it is also possible to connect without going through Facebook, here’s how.

If you are single and you want to have fun, or why not find love, registering on a dating app is obviously the right thing to do. It’s simple, easy and quick. In just a few clicks, you see thousands of different women or men, and you just have to “make your market”, if you can say that like that.

There are tons of different dating apps, Happn, Once, Badoo, Elite Dating … But the most popular is obviously Tinder. If this is the one you chose to install on your smartphone, you will see very quickly that the app asks you to log in via Facebook in the very first step. But if you prefer that your personal data are not shared between the two social networks (and that is quite understandable considering the latest controversies around Facebook, such as Cambridge Analytica), or that you just want to stay anonymous, know that there is another way to connect to Tinder.

Here’s how to use Tinder without Facebook

Before, it was impossible to use Tinder without a Facebook account. The goal was for Tinder to ensure that these are real people who use the app, not fake profiles or robots. All benefits for the users because it means more guarantees in terms of the quality of the profiles. In addition, this allowed Tinder to filter out inappropriate photos on the profiles, since Facebook has a fairly strict policy regarding the publication of photos.

How to Create a Tinder Account Without Facebook

But for some time, it is possible to create a Tinder account without going through his Facebook account. And how ? By simply entering your mobile number. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Download Tinder on your smartphone and click on “Sign in with a phone number”, just below “Connect via Facebook”
  2. Enter your phone number and press the “Continue” button, which will turn blue
  3. Between the verification code

Once past the second step, you will receive an SMS from Tinder containing a verification code. It is this code that you must register to complete the installation of the app. This simply allows Tinder to fight against fake profiles and to verify that you are a real person and that you actually have this mobile phone number.

Note that if you have already registered on Tinder via your Facebook account and you decide to swap by connecting with your mobile number, it is quite possible to do without losing any of your Match or conversations. To do this, simply go to your profile, click on “Settings” and press down on “Logout”. When you reconnect, you will have the choice to open the app via a phone number, and then follow these three simple steps above.

In itself, connecting to Tinder with or without Facebook does not change much, except that by not going through the social network, you will not be able to see friends in common on the profile of a potential Match. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to easily find his profile on Facebook or Instagram in the list of your friend (s) in common and therefore the stalker more before the Liker. It is a choice to make.

Once Tinder is installed, optimize your profile to have more Matches

That’s it, it’s good, you’re now on Tinder! To have the most success possible, it is better to know how the application works (we explain everything here on how to Swipe, Like, give and receive a Super Like and have a Match), how to create a perfect profile (we’ll get you lots of tips here), what pictures to put on your profile (we give you some examples here), how to write an original bio (we give you tracks here), and finally, when you have a Match with someone, how start a conversation (we give you some catch phrases that work every time here).

Finally, to avoid going for a big heavy or bad sell, there are some mistakes not to commit on Tinder (here are some here), in your profile photos (here you will find the worst profile photos to never put) and in the manner of expressing yourself at the beginning of a conversation (here are the things not to say to start the discussion).

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